Update/Refresher Course

AusChem registration has an industry recommended expiry date of 5 years from the date of the original course being delivered. It is recommended that people do a refresher course so that they can keep up to date with legislation changes, label changes, reminders about personal safety and other important issues that have occurred since the course was originally undertaken. The refresher course also meets the requirements of most Industry Quality Assurance Programs to show currency of chemical training. This also satisfies Duty of Care under the OHS Act 2004, ensuring people are up-to-date with all safety aspects related to AgVet chemical use.

This can be achieved by either undertaking a face-to-face course (the Update/Refresher course is generally a one day course) which you can find either via the AusChem calendar which has a list of all known courses; or alternatively clicking on the tab at the top of the page “Trainers” which will provide a list of Trainers/Registered Training Organisations who provide the course and you can contact them direct to enquire about any upcoming courses.

Alternatively you can do the Update/Refresher Course online – click here to go to the access page:-

You are welcome to contact the trainers directly to inquire or enrol or seek information about each course. 
Proposed courses may not be delivered if there are insufficient student numbers.