1080 Pest Control Course

In order to purchase and use 1080 pest animal bait products in this new system, bait users are required to complete this Course in Minimising the Risks in the Use of 1080 Pest Animal Bait Products for Vertebrate Pest Control and be appropriately authorised. Upon successful completion of this course (and prior completion of the AgVet chemical course), you will be eligible to obtain a 1080 endorsement to your ACUP issued under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use Act) 1992. This will qualify you as an “authorised person” and permit you to purchase and use 1080 pest animal bait products in Victoria from 1 January 2008.

This four hour training course aims to ensure that 1080 pest animal bait users have the knowledge, skills and appropriate competencies to use 1080 pest animal bait products in a manner which is both safe for themselves and the environment. The course also seeks to ensure that bait users understand that the use of 1080 pest animal bait products is only one element of an integrated pest animal management strategy.

DURATION: 4 Hour Course

COST: Varies

OUTCOME: Statement of Attainment

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Proposed courses may not be delivered if there are insufficient student numbers.