Advanced Spray Application – Grain

This one day course, (followed by an on-farm session setting up boom spray units) builds on the AgVet Chemical Users Course. It covers Application technology and loss management; spraying quality and nozzles; droplet behavior and conditions which influence it; targets, products, volume of spray and spray quality; water, adjuvants and formulations; nozzle selection.

The program is designed to build the skills of spray applicators so that they will fully understand the principles behind good decision making and how to maximize the effectiveness of their spray application equipment. It also has an emphasis on the weather and atmospheric conditions, and how this will affect droplet behavior. This course is also recognised as an ‘update’ program for the AgVet Chemical users Course.

DURATION: 1-2 Day Course (as update)

COST: Varies

OUTCOME: Statement of Attainment

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Proposed courses may not be delivered if there are insufficient student numbers.