AusChem Training

About Us

AusChem Training Vic Ltd is a Registered Charity and not-for-profit company, having transitioned from a previous organisation which was established in the early 1990s as an industry initiative. AusChem operates and is controlled by a Board, comprising representatives of various stakeholder groups, and is chaired by a nominee from the Victorian Farmers Federation. AusChem has a broad charter to support, encourage and promote training and accreditation in the safe, effective and efficient use of AgVet Chemicals.

AusChem has registered more than 89,000 people who have been trained in AgVet chemical use.

The AgVet course
The first "Farm Chemical Users Course" was delivered in 1989.

The course provided the level of training needed by producers to make sure that they understood the requirements to use agricultural and veterinary chemicals safely and effectively. The course also encouraged people to think about using alternatives to chemicals in their production systems by taking a risk management approach.

The AgVet course has become the industry standard for AgVet chemical training and provides the necessary outcomes for participation in most of the industry quality assurance programs including. CattleCare, FlockCare, GrainCare, FreshCare and MilkCare.


Our Mission
To facilitate relevant, quality delivery of training in AgVet Chemical use and management.






  1. To identify AgVet Chemical use and management training needs of the market, chemical users and training providers.
  2. To provide information and knowledge to support training in AgVet Chemical use to meet market and training provider needs.
  3. To ensure the quality standards for delivery of AgVet Chemical use and management training and assessment are met.
  4. To develop AgVet as an organisation at state and national level whose leadership is respected and which demonstrates good corporate governance.
  • Responsible use and management of AgVet Chemicals.
  • Further enhancement of attitudes and behaviours toward AgVet Chemical use, management and training.
  • Knowledge updated in management of risks.
  • Increased awareness of availability of AgVet Chemical training.
  • AgVet Chemical training and resources are relevant, adaptable and responsive to needs.