AusChem Training


Who should do AusChem Training?

Anyone who uses agricultural chemicals or veterinary medicines should complete some training.

AusChem Training supports a number of courses which provide specially designed training for people at all levels of involvement in the use of AgVet Chemicals. Courses are appropriate for people involved in:

  • Cropping
  • Production horticulture and Viticulture
  • Amenity horticulture
  • Weed controllers
  • Livestock production
  • Turf Industry
  • Forestry
  • Fox, wild dog and rabbit control
  • And anyone else who uses agricultural and veterinary chemicals


 AgVet Chemical Users Course (Level III)

This course provides the required training for many Industry Quality Assurance Programs and is necessary to apply for the Victorian Agricultural Chemical Users Permit.

Update/Refresher course

This short course enables users of AgVet Chemicals to keep up to date with changes in chemical use, new legislation and to have a reminder about safety and best practice.

 Chemical Risk Management (Level IV)

This course provides the required information and all the tools necessary to comply with the regulations and to make sure the workplace is safe.

 Using Chemicals Safely (Level II)

The course is designed to provide the basic information necessary for people to make sure they can understand the information on chemical product labels. 

1080 Pest Control Course

This course aims to ensure that 1080 pest animal bait users have the knowledge, skills and appropriate competencies to use 1080 pest animal bait products in a manner which is both safe for themselves and the environment.

It is a pre-requisite to this course to have successfully completed an AgVet Farm Chemical Users Course.

Advanced Spray Application - Grain

This course covers application technology and loss management; spraying quality and nozzles; droplet behaviour and conditions which influence it; targets, products, volume of spray and spray quality; water, adjuvants and formulations; nozzle selection.

Fumigation of Grain with Phosphine

The Phosphine course is run over one day, and involves insect identification, how to ensure grain storage is gas tight, calculation of dose rates, and how to comply with the OH&S requirements when applying the chemical.


Advanced Spray Application - Viticulture

This one day course is designed to build the skills of spray applicators so that they will fully understand the principles behind good decision making and how to maximize the effectiveness of their spray application equipment.


K-Obiol Training Program

This short course enables people who wish to use K-Obiol Grain Protectant in NSW, QLD, VIC & SA on cereal grains, to access the product from a limited range of resellers (as approved by Bayer). It will cover concerns with residues in both domestic and export markets, calibration, application equipment set up, and the use of a QA program as required by Bayer. Course dates are set and can also be run according to demand, by contacting the trainers in the K-Obiol database.


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